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The Impact Of Intermittent Fasting On Hair Growth

Intermittent Fasting And Hair Growth

The choices we make can affect our health and, in particular, can affect hair loss. But how much does lifestyle and intermittent fasting affect hair regrowth? In this article we want to satisfy this question and find out, whether intermittent fasting and hair growth stand in correlation.

In recent years, more and more people are documenting their lifestyle and hair regrowth. Many people’s questions are related to intermittent fasting and hair regrowth.

Can intermittent fasting lead to hair regrowth and make it become thicker and above all healthier?

Often, hair loss may depend on lifestyle, but sometimes it’s a genetic issue.

We know how stressful it can be to see your hair fall out, while you shower or comb your hair. Unfortunately, it is often a genetic issue. Therefore, apart from some useful solutions or products to slow down the fall, there is not much you can do. Maybe you can think about a subsequent transplant.

Intermittent fasting has nothing to do with hair regrowth, but it must be said that the moment you start such a diet, you will see improvements.

In fact, there are benefits related to intermittent fasting and hair regrowth.

What are the benefits of intermittent fasting in hair regrowth?

  • purification of toxins and calories, can lead to improve your health and therefore will also improve your scalp resistance
  • stress will decrease because you will think less about food. Your body will adapt to the change and by doing the right diet, you will experience hair regrowth
  • eating a continuous intermittent fasting diet, will help you to be more balanced in everyday life. This will have a significant impact on hair regrowth

Fasting does not mean completely changing your diet but it means having times when you can eat. When you make changes to your diet, you may have some small pressure drop initially, but your body will get used to it later.

When your body gets used to the new lifestyle of intermittent fasting you will get benefits. Your hair will strengthen after a few weeks.

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intermittent fasting benefits

Everything we have said has to do with the regularity. Your new lifestyle will affect your psychophysical health. Initially you will have no benefit and there are no tangible correlations between hair regrowth and intermittent fasting.

But by improving your lifestyle and choosing intermittent fasting you will notice improvements to the skin and therefore to hair.

Note: if you are predisposed to hair loss, no fasting and no diet will give you a wig! Always consult your doctor and ask for specific information about the lifestyle you want to lead.

Unfortunately, hair loss is more common than you think. Thanks to a healthier lifestyle you can slow it down but not completely change your destiny.

Is hair regrowth linked to food supplementation?

In some cases, there are deficiencies especially in the diet. It is good to do blood test, before doing intermittent fasting.

Your health with intermittent fasting will improve. However you are likely to need to take some food supplements.

Very useful are magnesium and potassium, we recommend them to you.

Welcoming a new lifestyle like that of intermittent fasting will point out that we don’t really need so much food!

The benefits brought about by this change of life are truly numerous, you will notice for yourself how shiny and solid your hair becomes.

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Conclusion on intermittent fasting and hair growth

Patience is one of the best virtues when fasting, it is a psychological matter and one must always listen to one’s own body.

In the event that problems occur, it is always recommended that you speak to your doctor or nutritionist.

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