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Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting

Many individuals tend to focus on the physical benefits of fasting over spiritual ones. There are numerous spiritual benefits of fasting and this is what makes i a powerful tool. It nourishes both the body and the spirit and in this article, we will examine the benefits. Fasting helps maintain a spiritual balance in the soul, spirit, and body.

Watch the interesting TEDx Talk about spiritual benefits of fasting from Phil Sanderson at the end of this article!

Here are the benefits of fasting on the spiritual side of things:

It Cleanses Your Soul

Fasting helps reestablish the spiritual connection. Most times people forget their spiritual roots and one way to find this connection is through fasting. Fasting cleanses the toxins in your body and gives your body a spiritual break from junk and other unclean foods you have in your body. Most people forget that their body is the temple of the lord when they decide on what to eat and fasting helps with cleaning out these unholy foods from the system. It cleanses your body and soul while filling you up with pure spirit.

The fasting process is mediation for the soul, allowing it to be cleaned simultaneously at the same time the body is cleansed. This is why fasting is always a great pairing with a prayer to ensure that your body and soul are clean when you make your prayers and supplications. Fasting gives you a new start and works as a spiritual path for your soul.

It Renews your Desire for God

Fasting strips us of our earthly nature and allows us to focus more on spiritual things. Stripping yourself of human wants and desires such as food reminds you of what is important which is God. It reminds us that worldly things and possessions cannot replace the role of God in our life. When you begin to yearn for God more than you need food or sustenance, you will begin to reorder your life in a way that glorifies your God.

The connection that you have with God is more important than any physical need or need of the flesh and fasting gives you a chance to rebuild your relationship with God while you carefully wean yourself of earthly wants.

Spiritual Satisfaction

Fasting gives you fresh, renewed, and total spiritual satisfaction. It leaves you full of energy and detoxed of all earthly sins. The renewed spiritual height you attained will be greater compared to the satisfaction that food gives you. Spiritual satisfaction can only be attained when you can fully focus on your spiritual growth. We spend so much time focusing on worldly things that we forget we have other obligations to our bodies.

Freeing your body, soul, and spirit to focus on the things that matter such as the nourishment of your soul can bring you spiritual nirvana. Physical nourishment cannot help you with your spiritual nourishment. When you feed yourself spiritually, this new fullness will be similar to when you feed your body.

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Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

Dedication to Praise

Digestion is one process that consumes work in the body. When you fast, you eliminate the need for digestion and you have more time to focus on other things. Because you do not have to constantly task your brain about what to eat and when to eat, you have more energy to devote to spirituality. You will experience a deeper level of praise when you fast and you will be able to focus on praising and exalting God. Wordly wants distract you from focusing on your spirituality.

Feeding your flesh and searching for every desire of the flesh will make you unable to fulfill your spiritual duties. When you do not have to count down the seconds to your next meal or worry about what to eat, you can praise God with a dedicated heart.


Fasting is more than a physical exercise; it is also a spiritual one. If you want to reconnect and strengthen your spiritual relationships, fasting is the way to go. If you fast the right way, you will end up getting all the benefits we have listed here in this piece. Although fasting has many spiritual benefits, you are advised not to fast if you have medical conditions or are above a certain age (65 years is usually recommended). If you have a condition or are already above the recommended age for fasting, see both your medical and spiritual advisors for the next steps to take.

Fasting: A Path To Mental And Physical Transcendence | Phil Sanderson | TEDxBeaconStreet

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