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The 5 Best Intermittent Fasting Calculators

Intermittent Fasting Calculator

There is a saying that goes thus ‘whatever is worth doing is worth doing well’. This principle applies to all tenets of life, ranging from health to wealth. Even in the fasting game, intermittent fasters must know what they are signing up for and having a working intermittent fasting calculator.

This will help them manage their time with due diligence because let’s face it; no one is perfect. You and I can occasionally make a misstep that will throw our whole equilibrium out of the window. That is why it is very necessary to have a quality intermittent fasting calculator that chronicles our journey and provides useful advice in the daily struggle that is ‘fasting’.

Behold the hall of fame of intermittent fasting calculator apps available on the iOS app store and the google play store for iPhone users and Android users, respectively:

1. Body Fast

body fast
One of the best intermittent fasting applications available on the internet, Body Fast has a proven track record of providing users with optimized results and a worthwhile intermittent experience. Available on the iOS app store and the google play store, this is certainly the real deal.

On Signing Up

Body Fast asks for your goals, whether it’s to lose weight, be slimmer and fitter or to boost health. It also asks for your experience whether you are a beginner, you have some experience or you are quite advanced in your journey.

Body Fast asks about you. It asks for your units, gender, height, age, body weight and target weight.

Key Features

On the Body Fast App, you can subscribe to a newsletter for periodical motivation. It then briefs you on what you are getting into. You can get your very own personal intermittent fasting coach for affordable rates on three months, six months or 12 months basis. This comes with such great benefits as a 14-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. Your specific weekly plan, constant motivation by the coach, unlocking countless variations and on average, coached users lose weight faster than other users (as per a 2018 survey). This coupled with a trophy cabinet section to encourage users to try hard to fast intermittently. Body Fast is an awesome app that truly embodies the principles of user experience as well as accountability.

The Stats (via Google Play Store)

5 Million+ Downloads
72,000 Reviews
4.5 Average Star Rating

2. Zero

zero fasting
Zero gives no room for error and has the mantra of giving its app users a super chilled experience while offering unique features that can be rivalled by only a few. The app is available on the iOS app store and the google play store. This aims to please and aims to get users in proper tip-top shape.

On Signing Up

Zero asks why are you interested in fasting whether it is to manage weight, improve mental clarity, follow medical advice, live longer or detox and cleanse (you can choose all of the options). You are required to create a profile either via Facebook, Google or manually. You create your profile and get to fasting.

Key Features

Zero has a circadian rhythm fasting plan which is for 16 hours. A 16:8 intermittent which has a 16 hour fasting period and 8 hour eating period, a 36 hour fast otherwise known as a Monk fast and finally a custom fast option that enables you to create your fasting regiment. Zero is also very social media conscious and links the app to the Zero social media hashtag and real-time features.

The Stats (via Google Play Store)

1 Million+ Downloads
25,000 Reviews
4.7 Average Star Rating

3. MyFast

MyFast is an app on the rise. It utilizes its unique features and interface as well as ‘borrows’ from the best of the rest. Entirely new when compared to seasoned veterans like Zero and Body Fast. This app is undoubtedly a win for intermittent fasting enthusiasts. It is available for iPhone and Android users on their respective app stores.

On Signing Up

With the easiest sign-up process I have ever experienced in my life. MyFast starts on a cordial note as it finds out a user’s language, preferred units like his weight settings and water intake, goals, clock settings, schedule mode, manual mode and a questionnaire as to why you want to engage in the procedure.

Key Features

On the user page, the user can now choose a plan and follow up on such a plan quite diligently. There are settings, a calendar, review, home and other unique features. MyFast has a cool interface that does not mangle features or cluster them together. Everything can be accessed with relative ease. Sadly, however, some ads make the process a little less enjoyable.

The Stats (via Google Play Store)

100 Thousand+ Downloads
3,000 Reviews
4.6 Average Star Rating

4. Fastient

Sophistication, beauty, orderliness, the interface, Fastient has it all. This app that was the first intermittent fasting calculator to have a dark mode feature is undoubtedly one for the ages. It helps users monitor their programs and does so with style. It is available on the iOS app store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android users too.

On Signing Up

The sign-up process is quick and matter of the fact like, it then takes a user to the profile section that asks such a user for useful things such as age, sex, units, weight and age. On doing this, a user is immediately directed to his username where he can now begin the journey.

Key Features

It has a premium feature that allows users to enjoy such extra features such as; access to quick tags, dark mode, upload pictures, and customize fast, import data and various other options. Although it is not as developed as big shot intermittent fasting apps like Zero and Bodyfast this application is simple and easy to operate alternative where you can fast on your terms.

The Stats (via Google Play Store)

10 Thousand+ Downloads
305 Reviews
4.6 Average Star Rating

5. LIFE Fasting

life fasting
Life Fasting is a completely free intermittent fasting calculator application that is available to both iPhone and Android users on their respective app stores. It is a simple, easy to grasp modern application that optimizes results and gives users the best possible results in the minimum timeframe. It has awesome features and has a steady drive to remain on the upward improvement curve.

On Signing Up

On downloading the app, you will be asked to input your first name, last name, email address, username and password. You will then read the end-user agreement and agree to the terms of use. Then you will read the privacy policy agreement and agree too. A verification link will be sent to your email, and on clicking that link, you are now live!

Key Features

Life fasting has various features that are directly on the profile section. Such features include progress, checkups, offers and marketplace. A user can also talk to a fasting expert at scheduled times on various topics such as fasting advice tailored for me, is fasting healthy and get a personalized fasting plan. This app also has a feed option, a profile page and also a learn section. It encourages users to interact with each other and share results to spur each other on.

The Stats (via Google Play Store)

500 Thousand+ Downloads
11,000 Reviews
4.6 Average Star Rating


Fasting is one of the many ways to remain healthy; however, a lot of people do not know how to fast properly. What is the point of starving yourself if at the end of the day you remain unfit, unhealthy and largely unhappy? It is for this season that every fitness buff should take out time and visit the iOS app store or the Google play store and get a suitable intermittent fasting calculator app.

No one is an island as it is a commonplace for a normally organized individual to sometimes miss a calculation or two within the span of a few months. This can be augmented by paying for a fitness coach at a super affordable rate. Factor all this in and you are well on your way to that healthy lifestyle you only thought was available in the movies.

Hi, I'm Daniel! What started for me with trying to lose the last few pounds hsa now turned into a passion of finding the best ways to keep the body healthy and slim.

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