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Intermittent Fasting And Ayurveda: What You Should Know

Intermittent Fasting Ayurveda

In this article we will see if there is a correlation between intermittent fasting and the Ayurveda method.

Every day at every hour, we test our metabolism by eating out of boredom, excessive stress and sometimes we do it at irregular times.

Instead, we should take care of ourselves and maintain a healthier lifestyle, but it is not always simple.

It is easy, however, that our metabolism is as unregulated as we are and we can therefore have many problems in digestion. The Ayurvedic method in this case defines it speaking about Agni: god of fire (digestive fire) becoming deranged.

This happens for example, when our food is undercooked or overcooked, because it creates toxins. According to Ayurveda, these digestive wastes create many problems and hinder cellular nutrition.

Here, intermittent fasting enters the game because brings us back to the primitive simplicity of humans: the need to eat when we really need it.

What can we do according to the ayurvedic method to detoxify ourselves?

We guarantee “regular cleaning of our body”. To do this, we obviously need intermittent fasting. The basis of these two related techniques is motivation. Family, friends, and partner have to give support because we may face difficulties.

It is possible to do intermittent fasting by ingesting for the hours when eating is not allowed, a liquid diet without sugars.

In this way we will obtain the purification of which Ayurvedica speaks.

Offer a day of rest to Agni to digest everything that creates intestinal issues and discomfort.

In the long run, the benefits will be visible and your health will surely improve.

The Ayurveda method for thousands of years, has brought about the benefits of fasting.

The benefits are in fact numerous:

  • weight-loss
  • improved blood pressure
  • improved insulin resistance
  • reduced total cholesterol
  • it seems that intermittent fasting helps to live longer. Numerous experiments have been done and can lead to a lifespan of 20% longer.
  • intermittent fasting decreases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer and dementia.

What does the fasting Ayurvedic liquid diet entail?

Prepare a veg soup and eat it by drinking many herbal teas with ginger, cumin, coriander and fennel.

You can drink the soup for all the hours where it is expected to eat or divide it into two meals.

It is also possible to integrate it with basmati rice for dinner for example. The first days of the Ayurvedic liquid diet, may seem difficult but then you get used to it and everything makes sense.

Health has a high correlation between the Ayurvedic diet and intermittent fasting.

It seems strange to realize but: each of us is the architect of our own intestine! You can choose to live a life in total indifference to your body or start taking care of it.

A possible Ayurvedic cleansing soup recipe

On the liquid diet days, you don’t cook much.

A perfectly balanced meal that allows you to perform your intermittent fast and collaborate with Agni, is definitely the soup.

The following ingredients are per person. If you cook for two, double down.

1/3 cup basmati rice
Mung daal yellow divided 1/3 cup
½ carrot, chopped
½ courgette, mince
8 cups of boiling water
1 teaspoon of clarified butter
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon finely grated ginger
1 teaspoon of garam masala
Salt and pepper to taste

How you do it?

Put the rice in the water at night. In the morning, drain it and put it in the pot. Add vegetables and spices that we said. Bring to a boil and cook until cooked.
Mix the soup with the blender and serve with a sprinkling of oil.
Cooking time: 15/20 minutes.

Conclusion on intermittent fasting and Ayurveda

Now you understand the close correlation between intermittent fasting and the Ayurveda method. After millennia it seems that western medicine also recognizes the benefits.
You will get as a first benefit, a greater esteem and respect for yourself. You will feel less hunger pangs and you will eat when it is right to do it, with excellent effects.

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