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How To Combine Sauna And Intermittent Fasting

Sauna And Intermittent Fasting

As a site focused on wellness and knowledge of intermittent fasting, we always try to promote a healthy lifestyle. Knowing how to improve your lifestyle is undoubtedly a great start. This article is about the wellness trend sauna and intermittent fasting .

Intermittent fasting is an ancient technique for improving lifestyle and health.

The feeding with the timing, works in 3 digestive cycles with 8 hour’s intervals. The detox cycle is the most important: the body in this cycle leads to weight loss and expels toxins.

How much sauna use can affect intermittent fasting?

The use of the sauna is highly recommended during intermittent fasting. It explicitly promotes sweating and therefore the loss of toxins: thus improves the intermittent fasting cycle.

The sauna is a room made entirely of pine wood. The heat is absolutely dry, in fact the humidity does not exceed 20%. The heat is obtained by pouring water on stones heated by an oven that is placed inside the sauna.

The temperature can even touch 80-90 celsius degrees. The higher we position ourselves inside the sauna room, the higher the temperature will be. It can last for 15-20 minutes. This treatment facilitates circulation and cleanses skin, kidneys and liver and facilitates weight loss.

Combining the practice of the sauna with intermittent fasting will help you not only to have a healthier appearance but also to facilitate the fasting cycle, by losing toxins.

Many people wonder if the Turkish bath could also affect intermittent fasting.

The benefits have not been proven, but we can tell you that all the practices that allow you to relax, lose toxins and live moments for yourself, can help you.

Intermittent fasting has to do with the mind and the need to improve one’s health. Taking care of yourself is one of the first steps and by doing the sauna you will get many benefits that will allow you to speed up your metabolism.

The psycho-physical benefits are guaranteed.

What are the benefits of the sauna?

The sauna makes you lose weight

One of the reasons that attracts more men and women to the sauna is because it makes you lose weight. Contrary to what one might think, however, slimming does not occur only through sweating, but through the increase in heart rate. The heart, beating faster, helps the body burn more calories. On average, a sauna helps burn about 300 calories, the equivalent of an hour’s walk.

Purify the organism

As we said, it is capable of purifying the body and this is why thanks to intermittent fasting, you will be able to improve your health, purifying the body of toxins.

It disposes of lactic acid and relaxes the muscles

Another advantage of the sauna is that it relaxes the muscles, better than just a hot bath or shower. For example, after a workout, the sauna is very suitable, since it helps to relieve muscle cell micro-strains and to first dispose of lactic acid, always thanks to sweating and dilation of blood vessels.

Eliminate stress and insomnia

The benefits of the sauna are not only physical, but also psychological. Sweating and relaxation not only eliminate toxins and contractures, but also anxiety. Stress levels decrease, thanks also to the slower times imposed by the treatment. We begin to sleep better and are positively affected even during the day.

Cleans the skin

The epidermis also benefits from the sauna, because it comes out deeply clean. The heat expands the pores more than normal, allowing the elimination of dead cells, toxins and everything that “dirties” the surface of the body. You come out with a more elastic and hydrated skin, which better resists smog, atmospheric agents such as cold and heat and infections.

Strengthens the immune system

High temperatures, especially those of the Finnish sauna, help eliminate the bacteria that cause infections. Also, for this reason, the immune system comes out strengthened, both at the first barrier (the skin of point 5) and in the body. In addition, the sauna helps prevent fevers, because it calibrates body temperature and thermoregulation systems.


The sauna can really be an advantage when you do intermittent fasting. Only pregnant women, people suffering from low blood pressure and those with heart problems, should avoid it.
The sauna as we said offers many advantages and accelerates the metabolism helping you in your goal.

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