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Bright Line Eating And Intermittent Fasting

Bright Line Eating And Intermittent Fasting

To check how bright line eating and intermittent fasting fit together, we need to define each of them first.

What is bright line eating?

Bright line eating is an eating pattern that gives us a plan to follow effective for us. It is not a fixed or gimmick plan. In bright line eating, we precise our eating, but do not cut down the portions of our food into a tiny portion. We eat a lot of real food. Bright line eating is a very structured eating pattern that we do not cross the boundaries. We stay addicted to one food for a long period of time. It eliminates the craving of a person to a certain food that is very high in the case of a dieting program.

We recommend Susan Peirce Thompson’s books ‘Bright Line Eating‘ and the respective ‘Cookbook‘:
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What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a very common and popular fitness trend nowadays. It not only helps you to lose weight and stay healthy, it even increases your life span up to a few years. Intermittent fasting is actually a pattern of eating where the phase of eating and phase of fasting go side by side in intervals of hours. It is very different from dieting. You are not allowed to eat during intermittent fasting hours, however, you can take low calories drink during fasting hours. Many religions practice fasting in different forms as their culture and ethics. Fasting is actually less stressful on bodies as compared to strict diets.

How they work togehter

Some foods to eat while bright line eating with intermittent fasting

  • Breakfast: It includes a protein, grain or fruit.
  • Lunch: It includes a protein, 6 oz vegetables, a fruit, and a fat.
  • Dinner: It includes a protein, 6 oz vegetables, 8 oz salad, and a fat.

Adjust them in the eating hours, do not take these foods in intermittent fasting hours.

Foods to avoid

  • No sugar: Only the sugar occurring in fruits naturally is fine, not in any other form, neither smoothies or juices). If you like juices, check our Article about Juice and fasting.
  • Precise quantities: Use precise quantities for foods. Do not overload yourself with food content.

How to do bright line eating with intermittent fasting?

For people who are addicted to food, there is no moderation. Set your rules as follows:

  • Be clear and specific about the food you are taking. Do not take foods other than it during a bright line eating program.
  • They will eventually become a habit and easier for you to rely upon. You will not feel craving for other foods.
  • Beat your willpower by setting certain rules for bright line eating. This is the basic foundation of bright line eating. This will induce decision-making process in you allowing you to build a precise and strict program on diet.
  • Now follow this strict program of eating in interval of eating hours. If you are following a 16:8 eating plan, then follow this eating pattern in 8 hours, not other than it.
  • This program is very highly effective for weight loss. You need to become an expert on your own in this case. Understand your vulnerabilities and plan your diet program with certain foods.
  • Bright line eating with intermittent fasting will help you to become ambitious and adapt to certain goals. Positive connections will be build that help you to achieve an objective of weight loss.

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