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Bone Broth Fast: The Benefits

Bone Broth Fast

Yes, you might be conversant with the numerous health benefits of bone broth. But have you ever considered a bone broth fast? Well, this fast simply involves you creating an extended period where you consume only bone broth, water and herbal teas.

Originally, the fast lasts anywhere between 24 hours and 72 hours. However, I will recommend you kick off with lesser hours especially when you’re new to the fasting procedures.

Bone Broth fast involves you consuming almost 4 quarts of bone per day while you also avoid solid food. It is important to exercise your body a lot during this period. Fasting allows you to burn a lot of body fat while boosting your metabolism. You also get to repair some conditions such as a leaky gut. This is due to its ability to refill good bacteria in the digestive tract.

If you accumulate the benefits of bone broth protein which includes electrolytes, amino acids, hydrates, and detoxes, it will help heal your body. Fasting is done without solid food. However, as a first-timer, if you feel light-headed, you’re allowed to include one small meal of grass-fed meat in 24 hours.

Comparing with other typical types of fasting, a Bone Broth fast nourishes your body with essential vitamins. Expect your body to be filled with antioxidants which will give you energy and hydration throughout your day. These nutrients will make you feel less fatigued.

Check this delicious bone broth recipe from The Domestic Geek:

What are the benefits of a Bone Broth Fast

  1. Helps improve sleep and combats brain fog with the presence of glycine
  2. Glycine Cysteine and glutamic acid are powerful antioxidants that allow detoxification of the body
  3. Due to the high availability of protein content in bone broth. This promotes weight loss and a healthy level of metabolism. You tend to feel filled and satisfied while fasting.
  4. Chondroitin, glucosamine, and collagen fortifies tissues, reduce joint pain and skin, hair, and nails healthy.
  5. It enhances digestion and promotes a healthy gut due to the abundance of gelatine and amino acids.
  6. A powerful immune system booster and fortifier
  7. It depreciates inflammation systemically

Why you should choose this fast

Having established the fact that fasting is generally a fantastic way to reduce insulin level and keep blood sugar level in check. Being on Bone Broth fast means you’re not only keeping your blood sugar level in check but also getting the aforementioned benefits.

For people with health complications like Crohn’s disease, heartburn, IBS, bloating, please be rest assured that your health complications can be corrected with the bone broth fast. Bone Broth fast is so effective that you can notice changes in as little as 24 hours.

However, due to the presence of collagen, expect a glowing and healthy skin. Avoid wrinkled and dull-looking skin by being on a bone broth fasting.
Bone broth fasting resets the gut as it will help pull out all the junks and give your body the soothing relief you truly desire. You would be surprised at how amazing you feel afterward.

Things you should take note of while on fasting

Listen to your body

Try to make space for time and space while fasting as it’s always better to give your body rest, relax your mind, and also your gut. Abstain from bone broth fasting if you have a stressful work project around the corner. In fact, the weekend is the ideal time to start a bone broth fasting. You should be prepared to slow things down and do restful things like watch movies, take naps, read journals and even go for walks in a garden park.

Take away “out of bounds” food from the house

This is not compulsory, it all depends on you. You are the best person to make that decision. If those fatty junks keep staring at you and all you could think of is to tear into them, then it’s better to dispose of them. However, if you’re not used to going without sugar, there is a huge chance of you having sugar withdrawal symptoms during your fast.
Stay true to your bone broth fast by removing foods and drinks that might tempt you to break your fast.

Don’t rush back to eating after completing your fast

After the completion of the fast, do not celebrate by feasting on junks. Take note, you’ve just readjusted your digestive system. A lot has taken place in your system in the space of 3 days. Avoid sabotaging the readjustment. You shouldn’t rush back into your normal eating cycle after a fast.

For the past 72 hours, your digestive system has had nothing but nourishing broth. It needs time to gently digest solid foods. You might notice that you don’t crave the foods you would usually eat before such as sugar or dairy. Well, that’s the new readjustment.


In conclusion, Bone broth Fasting is, without doubt, healthy but it is not recommended and suitable for everyone. Pregnant and nursing women are exempted from partaking in it.
People with health-related complications like diabetes or hypoglycemia should not be allowed to go on a fast.

However, if you have a history of eating disorders or low body mass index, you had better sit this out. Finally, I strongly suggest you consult your healthcare practitioner before starting a bone broth fast.

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