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5 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Best Intermittent Fasting App

Well, no need to emphasize more on the importance of being in a fantastic state of well being. As a dietitian or a fitness model who needs serious discipline to be committed to tasks ahead. You are surely going to require a fantastic intermittent fasting app.

The app will help record and store information as regards your fasting ability. To achieve your deserve feats here are the Five Best Intermittent Fasting Apps.

1. Zero

best intermittent fasting app
Topping our list is no other but the well-programmed intermitted fasting app called Zero. This perfectly designed app has recorded over 1 million downloads and over 10 million complete fasts to date. With unique features like easy customization and scheduling, Zero has been able to outmatch other existing intermittent fasting apps. Trust me, choose this app and you’re in for a big treat.

>> go to Zero

Top features include:

  • Smooth Circadian Rhythm Fasting
  • Explicit analysis on user’s fasting habits
  • Simplex and clean app interface
  • Upholds over 15 hours intermittent fast
  • Fasting experience can be shared through social media integration

Do you know that you can integrate/sync your smart wearable like Apple Watch directly to the app and monitor your weight, resting heart rate, and sleep? The app is available on Apple store and Google play.

2. BodyFast

bodyfast app
Deeply rooted in the second position is a German based online intermittent fasting platform known as BodyFast. BodyFast gives room for users to choose a coach and follow his meal planning tips. In fact, you can set up new challenges on to fit and motivated. FAQ’s section is also made available to answer questing related to intermittent fasting. The app has recorded over 8 million consistent users.

>> go to BodyFast

Top features include:

  • Dynamic fasting plans
  • Constant notification alerts
  • personalized meal planning
  • Weight tracker and statistics

Do you that you can make use of BodyFast and be less bothered about ads, i.e. No-ads. The App is also available on Apple store and Google play.

3. Vora

vora app
Pinned down to the third position is no other but the best intermittent fasting with the most advanced goal setting option, Vora. The app comes with technologically advanced community support. This plays a very important role in the desired behavioral change. The app provides you with peer to peer motivation. This allows a smooth “journey” to the desired body and fitness level. You can create, edit, and delete old challenges. You can also choose other alternative lined up fasts. All over the world, Vora records 3 million daily users.

>> go to Vora

Top features include:

  • Clear Graphical representation of past fasts
  • You can export data and information to CSV
  • Accurate Intermittent fasting tracker to track daily fasts and diet plans
  • You can monitor your progress and accomplishments

4. Life Fasting Tracker

life fasting tracker
Occupying the fourth position is Life Fasting Tracker. The scheduling tracker gives accurate information about each faster. In fact, it allows users to set their start and end time for each fasting period. The Intermittent fasting app also has an in-app learning library. The library is coupled with research-based articles. This will help beginner and veteran intermittent faster with the necessary information needed. Life Fasting Tracker was launched in 2018 and recorded over 5,000,000 downloads.

>> go to Life Fasting Tracker

Top features include:

  • In-app Learning Library
  • Research-based articles and videos
  • Up to date fasting history and statistics
  • Control over start and end time of the fasting tracker to suit user’s convenience
  • Allows In-app community to connect and link up faster with friends in the same circle

5. Fastient

fastient app
Taking the fifth position on the top five intermittent fasting app is Fastient. If you care so much about maintaining accountability even while fasting, Fastient is your app. The app allows meal plans and records the amount of food intake. Built with a wide inference, each user can create his/her journal. Also, you can monitor your progress through explicit graphs and you can also record your body measurement coupled with fasting details, diet plans and more

>> go to Fastient

Top features include:

  • Simple tracking options
  • Explicit graph to monitor progress
  • Different fasting styles
  • Wide and open interface
  • All your goals are well managed

Which is the best intermittent fasting app for you

Well, you have seen them yourself, the five best intermittent fasting apps. As an expert or beginner, it is of uttermost importance to make use of the app that best suits each user. You can now choose an intermittent fasting app that can serve as your personal companion. I can go on and enumerate the importance of making use of an efficient Intermittent fasting app. However, the most important part is, you getting familiar with the IF app that best works for you.

Each with its unparalleled features which makes them unique. The task is now left to you to choose the app that will best suit and work for you. Also, note that, each of the aforementioned
Intermittent fasting apps are available on Apple store and Google play. This will allow easy and smooth installation on your devices.

Good luck!!!

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