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What A 40 Day Fast Means For Your Body

40 Day Fast

When a person undergoes a 40 day fast, it may expose the health of such an individual. Although it helps in losing weight, it sometimes leads to overweight.

A 40 day fast may cause the body to utilize the nutrients present. It results in fatigue and stress, whereas stress is a significant cause of many health problems. However, there are various forms of 40 days fast. I recommend you don’t engage in the “dry type” of 40 days fast. It rules out the intake of food and water.

The human body can survive for 40 days without food, but it’s almost impossible to survive without water.

Therefore, you will understand what a 40 day fast means for your body, as you read further.

What Is A 40 Day Fast?

Just as the name implies, a 40 day fast is when an individual abstains from food for 40 days. Sometimes, people undergo 40 days of fast to lose weight. And for others, they do it for spiritual reasons. Nevertheless, the severity differs. For example, a 40 day fast may involve the exception of certain foods.

Food sources that fall into this category are fruits and fatty foods. Whereas, a 40 day fast varies in the application for different spiritual authorities. Some may include total abstinence from food, while others eat within the stipulated time. However, either complete 40 days fast or partial, it is essential to take water during this period.

Many people survive a 40 day fast because of water intake.

What Does A 40 Day Fast Means For My Body?

As said earlier, there are several reasons why people go for a 40 day fast. Among several others, spiritual purpose, and weight loss are the most popular reasons. Although you will realize the goal of losing fat, but it often happens in excess. Before you decide to undergo a 40 day fast, here are the effects it may cause to the body;

1. Underweight

For a few days of starting, the body utilizes stored glycogen. Within 2-3 days, the glycogen is used up, and the body will need to replace it. When there is no supply of glycogen, the body continues to breakdown fats and protein. These fats and proteins are usually located in essential body parts, such as the heart and muscles.

2. Overweight

A long-term fast is a rapid approach to losing weight. However, many people adjust fast to their previous obesogenic lifestyle. For a 40 day fast, it may be difficult to undergo a behavioural modification, because it’s often self-induced. That is, many people rarely inform nutritionists to follow up on them. And as mentioned earlier, many professionals often disagree with the method of approach.

3. Heart Failure

Heart failure may occur when the body utilizes minerals essential for cardiac functioning. These minerals are potassium and magnesium.

4. Stress/Fatigue

Stress may eventually lead to certain bad health conditions.

5. Death in severe cases

Excess weight loss and stress will likely lead to dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, it will affect the proper functioning of vital body organs. It may cause seizures in some, and death in severe cases.

Is 40 Day Fat Beneficial or Harmful to The Body?

Generally, 40 days fast is not the best strategy for weight loss. Meanwhile, many nutritionists hardly recommend this approach to visiting patients. Some people have endangered their lives, in the context of losing weight. There are many ways to lose weight, and a 40 day fast is not even the most effective. Among several other weight loss strategy is the keto diet, and bone broth fast.

A dry 40 days fast leaves the body with no choice than to utilize the stored protein. When the amount of amino acid the body needs is insufficient, it leads to loss of muscle mass. In result, such individual may fall sick, or even die.


Its no doubt some people fast for medical reasons, but the extreme type of it is the 40 day fast. The body also tries to prevent some muscle loss during 40 days of fasting, but it is almost impossible.

You will lose a considerable amount of fat after the 40days, but the body may not survive it. Therefore, it’s usually better if you engage in intermittent fasting, fruit fast or juice fast. Many nutritionists will recommend this, rather than going on a 40days dry fast.

However, people try different methods to regain the weight lost during 40 days fast. Maintaining the individual’s initial lifestyle will require efforts. This may be positive when the favourable environment and people surround such an individual.

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