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3 Day Fast – Rules and Results

3 Day Fast

Have you ever thought about a 3 day fast, meaning of not having food for 72 hours? Yes, no soda, no supplements, no Juice. All you have is just plain water and tea. I bet you are already thinking why anyone would want to do this. In fact, it does not even sound safe.

However, let me roll it back, a 3 day fast simply means depriving your body of food and getting to drink only water for 72 hours. Although, some people do this fast where they get to consume some dilute fruit and vegetable juice for cleansing effect but this type of fast won’t give you the full benefits 3 day fast offers when practised religiously.

3 day fast is popular around world, both for religious and spiritual reasons. It is also known as water fast. Just like the name implies, you get to drink only water or tea during this fast.
In the contemporary age, 3 day fast is rapidly becoming popular for its natural health and wellness benefits. In the course of this article, I will be using using the term “3 day fast” and “water fast” interchangeably.

Going on a 3 day fast, requires that you do it properly and safely. Make adequate preparation and decide on the time frame for the fast. The period you’d be without food is delicate and you wouldn’t want other activities draining the little energy you’d have left.

Before we go on, let’s delve into the benefits of 3 day fast…

Benefits Of 3 Day Fast

Promotes Autophagy

What this means is that the 3-day fast can help improve the process of autophagy. Autophagy is simply the breaking down and recycling of the old parts of your cells. Autophagy will help prevent your damaged cell parts from accumulating. However, water fast is a trusted way of achieving autophagy

Reduction Of High Blood Pressure

The water fast can help in reducing high blood pressure. In fact, medically advised water fast is one of the ways of combating high blood pressure. Although, no human studies has shown the link between short term water fast and blood pressure.

Helps To Improve Leptin Sensitivity

Research has proven that water fasting could make your more sensitive to leptin and insulin. However, with a certain level of higher sensitivity, the hormones becomes more effective. In addition, being more insulin sensitive will enhance the efficiency of the body in reducing blood sugar level.

Reduces High Cholesterol

It can also help reduce high cholesterol level


The benefits of 72 hours fast go on and on. However, it won’t be reasonable enough to dwell on the benefits while completely ignoring the dangers.

Don’t be surprised, there are dangers associated with the 3 day fast. This part is what most nutritionists might be a little bit reluctant to tell you. Well, to be on the safer side, it is best you’re aware of the dangers also.

Dangers of 3 day fast.

There’s a big probability of experiencing orthostatic hypertension

Note that Orthostatic hypertension is common among 3 day/water fasters. Orthostatic hypertension is simply a drop in blood pressure that swiftly happens when you suddenly stand up.

This can leave you lightheaded, dizzy and you may probably faint. Once you start experiencing the symptoms of orthostatic hypertension. It is better you take break from the water fast and consult your medical practitioner for alternatives.

If care isn’t taken, the fast may worsen your medical conditions

Earlier, I wrote about the numerous medical benefits you can get from water fast. However, there are few medical conditions that can also be worsen by the 3 day fast.

This includes Gout: People who suffer from Gout attack should abstain from Water fasting. Water fasting increases uric acid production which is dangerous for people who have pre exist Gout attacks.

Also, if you have an eating disorder history, it’s better you stay clear of 3 day fasting. In fact, there’s a risk of encouraging eating disorder like bulimia especially in young adults.

You might end up losing the wrong type of weight

No doubt, the fast is very effective towards weight loss. However, because water fast restricts calories, you will quickly lose weight.

There are also chances of you losing the wrong weight. Research has shown that you may lose up to 2 pounds (0.9 kg) each day of a 24- to 72-hour water fast. Unfortunately, a lot of the weight you lose may come from water, carbs, and even muscle mass.


In conclusion, I usually regard 3 day fast has a popular method of fasting which usually comes with a lot of health benefits.

Meanwhile, you also have to be weary of the risks especially if you plan on embarking on the fast as an amateur. It’s better to be equipped with the necessary information needed before starting the 3 day/water fast.

You can also Download our Fasting Schedule Cheat Sheet to find your best schedule:
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Once you realized that fast isn’t suitable for your body system, reach out to your medical practitioner.

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