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24 Hour Fast Benefits

24 Hour Fast Benefits

Fasting is one activity that has numerous health benefits in the body. Because there are different types of fasting, it is best to know what each type of fast does in the body. In this article, we will discuss 24 hour fast benefits. If you plan on engaging in 24-hour fasts sometime soon this is your definitive guide on its benefits.

Don’t forget to watch the video of Dr. Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski D.O. at the end of the article about the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Benefits of a 24 Hour Fast

There are different types of fasting each with its own systems and procedures. Here in this section, we will cover some benefits of 24-hour fasting. This will help people who wants to go into this kind of fasting see what they stand to gain at a glance.

It Promotes Blood Sugar Control

Different studies have shown that fasting helps the body with blood sugar control. This is very useful for people who are combating diabetes or are at risk of being diabetic. A small study using 10 people with type 2 diabetes showed reduced blood sugar levels when intermittent fasting was introduced. Fasting is effective in reducing calorie intake and limiting insulin opposition. Reducing insulin resistance will increase your body sensitivity to insulin and you will be able to better move glucose through your bloodstream and into your cells.

Low blood sugar levels can harm your body and fasting helps keep this in check. It prevents spurs and crashes in blood sugar levels and helps keep the body healthy. Studies have shown that the effects of fasting vary in men and women. One three week study showed that fasting blocked sugar control in women but it had no similar effect in men.

It Improves Health and Fights Inflammation

Acute inflammation is a normal process the body uses to fight infections and diseases. This is a good thing but when it becomes chronic it is harmful to the body. Chronic inflammation has far-reaching negative consequences on your health. Medical research links chronic inflammation to other health complications including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease. Fasting decreases inflammation and keeps it from becoming chronic. A study conducted in 59 adults showed that for an intermittent fasting period of one month, the inflammatory markers in the body were reduced drastically.

Fasting is very effective in combating chronic inflammation and it improves your health. Low-calorie diets that copy the outcomes of fasting show the same results. Fasting also helps with the treatment of multiple sclerosis. What this goes to show is fasting is a must if you hope to keep your body in shape for a long time.

It Helps the Heart by Improving Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

Around 31.5% of global deaths are caused by heart disease. Most people focus on changing their diet or lifestyle to get a healthier heart but fasting is one way to reduce your risk of heart conditions. Some studies have shown that fasting is an effective way to properly manage diseases of the heart. Moving up fasting and other lifestyle changes will give you a perfect defense against heart conditions and keep you healthy.

In one study conducted on a small group, eight weeks of alternate fasting reduced the cholesterol levels in subjects by 25% and blood triglycerides levels 32%. Another study conducted showed that obese adults fasting under medical supervision for 3 weeks, experienced low levels of blood triglycerides and blood pressure, and cholesterol. A larger study of over 4000 people showed that fasting helped to reduce coronary artery complications and reduce the incidence of diabetes. These are major causes of heart disease and fasting helps the body manage them efficiently.

Improves Brain Abilities and Prevents Neuro Disorders

Medical research carried out mainly on animals have revealed that fasting has a strong effect on mental/brain health. In one study, mice that fasted for 11 months showed signs of enhanced brain functionality. The mice also experienced a change in brain structure. Other studies carried out with other animals gave positive results regarding fasting and the brain. Fasting improves cognitive function and improves the creation of nerve cells. It also protects brain health and keeps your brain healthy.

Fasting also helps reduce inflammation and prevents neurodegenerative diseases. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s that attack the brain are stopped by a good fasting habit. Studies done on animals show that fasting is effective in combating these neural diseases.


Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review (it starts at 1:37 to get directly to the point)

Before you engage in any form of fasting it is best you talk to a medical professional. Sometimes a pre-existing medical condition can prevent you from benefiting from fasting. Also, ensure that you have made all necessary preparation before you start fasting and you have a plan for your post fasting period. You should also ensure you share this article to friends or family who would want to engage in 24-hour fasting and is looking for a reason why they should.

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