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21 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge

Intermittent Fasting Challenge

Fasting, including intermittent plans, can have a variety of benefits for many different bodies. It can be an excellent way to detox and may even help you lose weight. But what are some fun ways to start getting into intermittent fasts? Have you considered trying the 21 day intermittent fasting challenge?

You’ll likely find that there are many different programs out there offering different ‘fasting challenges’. The idea of a challenge, of course, is to introduce you to a fantastic new diet or lifestyle choice in a fun way! As intermittent fasting may seem daunting to some, it might be a good way to ease into things.

What is the 21 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge?

There is no one or two 21 day challenge; however, you’ll likely find a few programs across the web. That’s because intermittent fasting can take time and commitment. It can help you to stick to a lifestyle change which is going to impact you for years to come positively.

It is difficult to stick to a new plan. However, 21 days will likely be enough for most people to adapt to and still see plenty of results. While there are intermittent fasting plans where you can fast for days at a time, most 21 day challenges let you select small windows.

For example, you might choose to eat for eight hours a day, fasting for the remaining 16. That might be comfortable for you if, for example, you are a heavy sleeper. Once you start getting more confident in your ability to stick to such a regime, you may start seeing and feeling great results.

Is the 21 Day Challenge Difficult?

Arguably, 21 days is a long enough period to provide most people with a challenge. Three weeks should also be enough for those who are interested in seeing long-term results. Some schemes and services might tell you that you could lose x number of pounds by the end of the fast. However, there is never any kind of guarantee, but it’s long enough to let things settle in.

Twenty-one days is likely to be challenging for those who are new to fasting. It is an immediate learning curve. Your mind and body will need to learn to adapt to a new diet and lifestyle very quickly. What’s more, sticking to the challenge means being consistent.

To start, it makes it easier to have a meal plan ready for these 21 days.
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The combination of KETO and fasting is very good for your body and easy to start with the intermittent fasting diet.

Consistency is key in fasting. In any dietary change, it is essential to consider adapting long-term. Crash diets and changes simply do not work in practice! Therefore, a 21 day intermittent fasting challenge could give you enough time to push on through.

Why Might It Benefit Me?

Intermittent fasting has a host of benefits. Many people report increases in energy levels and a reduction in blood pressure. Fasting, in this way, may also help to boost your immune system and lower your risk of becoming type 2 diabetic.

However, all bodies are different. We all have different metabolic rates and all react in different ways. The 21 day challenge is likely to benefit you, however, if you are willing to see fasting through to the end of the three weeks.

This type of challenge might benefit you if you feel you need an extra helping hand to commit. In three weeks, you may see or feel changes which you want to keep pursuing. It’s a great way to inspire your subconscious to reach for a healthier diet plan.

Your body will likely want to pursue the challenge beyond the 21 days, too. There may be a period where things feel difficult; however, as others will tell you, it is likely to get better. Of course, if a 21-day plan is not right for you, it may be worth looking at shorter schedules.

While intermittent fasting has a host of benefits, it is crucial to consider your health. Before starting any diet or making any changes, make sure to speak with a health professional or doctor. If you have underlying conditions or health concerns, this is especially important. Never rush into a dietary change until you are comfortable in doing so – in mind and in body.

Want to Take Up the Challenge?

Taking up the challenge is easy. While you will find that there are schemes and programs for a 21 day fasting plan, you can actually set one up on your own. Set yourself healthy goals for calories and macros. Then, choose when you’d like to fast and how long for.

On the whole, as stated, fasting for 16 hours and eating within your limits for eight hours is likely to be comfortable. Those feeling more confident can increase or decrease this. It is entirely up to you!

The 21 day intermittent fasting challenge can be hard. However, it may help you adapt to a lifestyle change for the better – inside and out.

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